Monthly Mischief – January 2017

by on January 2, 2017




Happy New Year, dolls!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Ours was busy, busy but it the best way. My brother and his family came to town. It’s been quite a few years since we last saw them and it’s awesome to spend some time with them. I am especially thrilled to spend some time with my nephews, Reid and Keifer, who were just wee ones last time I saw them. They are too cute now and a delight to talk and have fun with.

I am thrilled to present to you the next installment of Monthly Mischief. Monthly Mischief is a collection of smaller size element and paper packs all designed to work together based on a color story and theme. You can mix and match to make your perfect kit or go to town and grab them all. This month, the Mischief Circus designers focus on the word “Chrysalis”… a word that represents change and transformation.

And now, some eye candy….

Holliewood_MM117_LO_Hollie1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Hollie2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Hollie3 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Hollie4 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Hollie5

Holliewood_MM117_LO_Alan1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Alan2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Alan3 Holliewood_MM117_LO_ARline1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_ARline2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Jayne1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Kelly1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Kelly2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Kelly3 Holliewood_MM117_LO_kiya1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_kiya2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_louann1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_louann2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_melissa1 Holliewood_MM117_LO_melissa2 Holliewood_MM117_LO_melissa3 Holliewood_MM117_LO_Ysabel1

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