Art Dollies 7

by on February 13, 2017


Greetings Dolls! I have a new kit in the store today called, Art Dollies 7. Art Dollies 7 is a set of hand drawn art dolls and friends celebrating friendship and love. This sweet collection is perfect for creating digital art as well as making cards and hybrid art. There is nothing better than giving your loved ones a little piece of art that you created just for them.

Check out the art my CT created with it!

Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Hollie1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Hollie2Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Hollie3 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Hollie4Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Arline1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Arline2 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Dale1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Jayne1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kelly1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kelly2 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kelly3 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kiya1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kiya2 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Kiya3 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Louann1 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_Louann2 Holliewood_ArtDollies7_LO_MIchelle1

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