Mischief & Messes v.9

by on April 17, 2017



I am back with another Mischief & Messes kit. This kit is number 9 in the series.  This kit is filled with stash building goodness for your art and art journaling. There is always a fun mix of goodies that inspire as well as give your pages dimension. Customers are always asking for unique, dark and odd elements…well, this kit has you covered. When I told my CT I had a new, weird kit for them, they told me it was weird in all the right ways. When your CT can’t stop creating with it, you know you are on the right track. So cut elements apart, get busy with those blend modes and bust out your best creative moves.

I also have this new companion alpha to go with it.


Now, check out all this amazing art by my CT!!!!

Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie3 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie4 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie5 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Hollie6Holliewood_MM9_LO_kiya2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_KiyaSama1Holliewood_MM9_LO_Dale1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Louann1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Jayne1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Jayne2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Kelly3 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Kelly1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Melissa1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Melissa2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Melissa3Holliewood_MM9_LO_Arline1 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Arline2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Arline4 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Louann2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_PattyAnne1Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan5 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan2 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan3 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan4 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan6 Holliewood_MM9_LO_Alan7

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