Mischief & Messes v.10

by on June 19, 2017


Greetings Dolls,

Today, I bring you another installment of my Mischief & Messes series. This one is for all my bad ass babes out there. This one is a little naughty, a little rock n roll. It’s grungy, cool and jam packed with imagery you will go to over and over again. The gals are full of attitude and perfect for getting your point across. No shit takers here. I really had fun creating this kit and couldn’t stop adding to it!! It’s a good one, I promise!

Check out what my CT did with it.

Holliewood_MM10_LO_Hollie1 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Hollie2 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Hollie3 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Hollie4

Holliewood_MM10_LO_kiya1 Holliewood_MM10_LO_kiya2 Holliewood_MM10_LO_kiya3 Holliewood_MM10_LO_kiya4 Holliewood_MM10_LO_LouAnn1 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Melissa1 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Melissa2

Holliewood_MM10_LO_Alan1 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Alan2 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Alan3 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Alan4 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Alan5 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Arline2 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Arline3 Holliewood_MM10_LO_Dale1



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